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“Chin Up” by Yoke Lore

Indie singer/songwriter Yoke Lore delivers a mesmerizing and unique indie-pop musical creation with his track “Chin Up”. With this exhilarating soundscape, the uber-talented artist invites us to explore within and learn from the good, the bad and the in-between as we move forward learning to forgive ourselves along the way. There’s a dash of surrealism and palpable humanity that gives the song a special layer that lets us all fall immediately for it as we are heard and understood by its melodies and verses. So jump into the unknown and explore the unique and refreshing blend that this must listen gem has to offer. Enjoy!

“This song is about fighting fire with love. My little brother was a huge pain in the ass growing up. He would throw these awful tantrums, and I would always want my parents to punish him and throw him in his room and ground him or something, but they never did. They always just tried to listen and comfort him. They told me all you can do in the face of anger is to hit it with compassion, which usually peels away the aggression to reveal a vulnerability. This song is not about my brother who, by the way, turned out very well-adjusted, but it is about the struggle of learning to tamper your reactivity and volatility. Learning to forgive at the drop of a hat. It’s a skill I aspire to master.”

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