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“Ordinary” by Joe Connor Little

London based indie singer/songwriter Joe Connor Little comes to us with the honest and bittersweet beauty of “Ordinary”. With this track, he opens up his heart and lets us take a peek inside and strangely we find a home there that embraces our own reality at times. The lyrics dance from sadness and human pain to a refreshing yet strange sense of hope and a wishful plea that while at the moment we may be sad and alone, maybe later we can share not only on the bad but on the good. There’s something about the blend of sounds and visuals that serves a perfect experience for our senses to instantly connect with and understand what lies within the verses. Dive into this gentle and honest track and enjoy a truly beautiful must listen gem.

“‘Ordinary’ is about how ordinary feelings of sadness and loneliness are,” Joe explains, ​“and about how in knowing that, there’s a kind of reassurance or hope… because you’re not the only one feeling this way, and you’re not alone.”

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