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“He don’t love me” by Winona Oak

Swedish indie singer/songwriter Winona Oak releases her debut single “He don’t love me” through Neon Records and it is a beauty. The track is exquisite and so real that it almost feels as if it could come out of the speakers and caressed your very soul. This bittersweet tale comes from a place that was once real and being honest we have all visited this stop station at least once making the track even more wonderful. She manages to deliver a gentle yet playful duality between the painful lyrics and the charming melodies letting the soundscape evoke more than what is palpable diving into the unknown surreal nature of music. Winona has crafted what can easily be labeled as a must listen gem in the pop genre and I will go even further and say it is an instant classic and one of the best debuts I’ve ever heard. So grab my hand and let us enter the world of her black and white visuals and feel heard and understood as she tells us something so familiar yet so personal. Enjoy!
[su_quote cite=”Winona Oak”]We’re all capable of falling for people who don’t value us, grasping for a leaving hand. But we must understand that we’re just as capable of realizing that our worth does not lay in those heavy hands.[/su_quote]

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