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“Swedish Summer” by Wy

Ebba and Michel aka Wy come to Wolf in a Suit once more after a long time with their latest amazing gem, “Swedish Summer”. With this track, the talented duo delivers something exquisite, real and in your face that adds a refreshing and welcomed layer to the current pop scene. The title is playful and inviting while the lyrics are very much mature and based on some serious moments in life, but together this duality gives the song a special edge that lets it feel universal. There’s something about the track that immediately hits home and makes us feel invested in how it all takes shape and form as it showcases and gentle reflection of not only them but for us as well. So listen carefully, dive into the visuals and enjoy this amazing must listen gem by this talented pair.

“Hey hey hey
Stop asking me when
I can’t care for another when I can’t care for myself
Hey hey hey
I keep setting the bar higher than I can reach
And when I reach I just let go”

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