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“Get Up” by BIIANCO

Gaby Bianco aka BIIANCO comes to us with her debut single for this new route she is taking, say hello to the fiery magic of “Get Up”. Already one of my favorite singers as the other half of Smoke Season, she now comes with her solo project and it is simply exquisite and continues on the musical perfection she already has us accustomed to. The soundscape of her debut is made up of melodies and lyrics that allow it to easily become an instant classic and must for any music lover. There’s something so refreshing, so surreal and so magical that this talented indie goddess is bound to hypnotize you with the infinite capacity that she has to craft melodies, lyrics and showcase her voice in the best ways possible. So come with me, don’t be afraid and hold my hand as we jump into her one of a kind soundscape. Enjoy!

“I wanted to show that ferocity can sometimes come in the form of a whisper,” she explains.  “The most voracious declarations are focused and calm.”

Fun fact: The video “integrates the story of Mesopotamian goddess, Inanna, who descended into the underworld, was turned into a corpse, hung on a hook and stripped of her riches only to rise from the ashes more powerful than before”.


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