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“Up on Me” by Smoke Season

Once more one of my favorite indie duos out in the whole world deliver the goods, say hello to Smoke Season and their single, “Up on Me”. The talented pair made up of Gabby Bianco and Jason Rosen deliver a perfect blend of soundscape and visuals that capture your full attention and your imagination. The track is playfully honest, human and in a way romantic for it comes from feelings and emotions that dwell in the heart. Their voices complement each other in a way that is so mesmerizing and you are just charmed by the exquisite connection they have and how it translates to the realm of music. You are bound to jump into the unknown of this musical creation and come out a winner because the track is just so good. Every single note, every single sentence and every single action within the video just hits you and gives your senses a much-needed dose of something special. Enjoy!

Fun fact: The video features skateboards from Welcome Skateboards shoes from T.U.K. Footwear and guitars from Fender.

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