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“After Forever” by Heir

UK indie pop-rock band Heir comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with their latest mesmerizing and inviting gem with their track “After forever”. With this playfully soothing soundscape, the band explores the meaning of love in their own way as they let melodies and lyrics take shape and form. They wonder as many of us do, what’s happens after forever and what is the true end to letting yourself fall into this feeling. The track is introspective and human but also manages to serve a sweet dose of magic making the track unique and refreshing to hear. So listen closely, open up your eyes to the incredible visuals and enjoy this must listen gem.

“As well as gravitating towards writing music that makes you want to move we also love the process of getting right inside the story- world of the lyrics. I think with this latest stuff we captured a rhythm of writing that channeled a little bit more of that simple songwriter sound that we grew up listening to.”

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