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“Young” by Emeryld

Amazingly talented and mesmerizing singer/songwriter Emeryld is back at Wolf in a Suit and she comes bearing gifts with her track, “Young”. With this playful yet honest and mature musical creation, she embraces the experiences that we have all gone through as in one point or another somebody out there decided we were not good enough for something simply because of our age. But there’s more to this track than meets the eye as the beautiful and captivating verses can be translated to so much more than age as sometimes you simply don’t fit a mold that people believe is the only way to be. She accepts her uniqueness and invites us to do the same while telling those who rather say you can’t than simply be on your side that they should first get their own lives straight before judging others. The sentiment is so real and so relatable that you instantly feel it as yours knowing it’s hers, but she shares her passion and inspiring verses with all of us. Enjoy!

“Why would I listen to you if you don’t even have your shit together?”

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