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“Rêveries” by Octavio Mai

French Electro-pop duo Octavio Mai come to Wolf in a Suit once more and this time around they bring us the haunting beauty of “Rêveries”. As with their previously featured track, “Yeux Turquoise”, language does not feel like a barrier for their soundscape transcends that limitation. With this exquisite blend of melodies, vocals and emotions we get instantly pulled into a world of smoke, lights, and sounds that is surreal yet so easy to grasp for our senses. The track plays with our imagination and allows us to find an understanding as to what it all entails as we enjoy what can only be described as magical music. We jump into this unknown as if our lives depended on it and once we land we get to taste this one of a kind nectar. So listen, over your senses to the experience and enjoy!

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