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“Peach” by Slothrust

Indie Alternative rock band Slothrust comes to Wolf in a Suit for the very first time with a unique and charming soundscape titled “Peach”. With this electric blend of sounds and lyrics, the band ensures the listeners an experience that will never be forgotten as both visuals and sounds come together perfectly. The track speaks to your inner child as your current adult-self pays attention as well as opening the doors to a connection to the imagination that was lost. There’s a beautiful fire that is set ablaze by the magical and passionate verses allowing us to be curious, be open and truly be alive once more. The track does not push you away but instead, it invites you to explore and sing along. So enter their realm and caricature and reality and enjoy this one of a kind experience.

“Peach” is a song that embraces the inner-child and all that comes with it. There is this special way we free associate when we are young that seems to fade away with age and experience. It’s important to me to keep that curiosity alive and intentionally access feelings when you felt them for the first time— both light and dark.”

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