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“Want you back” by Grey ft. LÉON

Los Angeles based brothers Grey join forces with Swedish singer/songwriter LÉON to give us the mesmerizing soundscape of “Want you back”. With this one of a kind indie pop masterpiece for the modern music lovers, they embrace us all and create a world filled with magic and music. There’s something about it that not only serves the contemporary scene but also the old school crowd as the song has the right touches to create a bridge. The verses speak of a want and a need to go back to a point where both hearts were together and this time around they have matured enough to make it work. Maybe it’s wishful thinking or maybe it can happen but what we know is, that one side truly wants it. So listen closely, find your personal reflection (because there is bound to be one) and enjoy this amazing must listen gem.

“Riding in your front seat
Telling me you want me
Nothing could assure your love like this
Until I did
Running all the the red lights
Making up a good life
Couldn’t we go back to what we had?
Just like that
‘Cause I want you back”

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