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“What’s a song” by Joel Baker

UK based indie singer/songwriter Joel Baker comes once more, but this time around with the special visuals for his gem, “What’s a song”. This heartfelt track had already conquered our hearts with it’s honest and relatable lyrics, but now with the video, it comes full circle and becomes an instant favorite in every aspect. There’s something about it that simply connects with you as you hear it, see it and think about the feelings and emotions that dwell within each verse. The track is able to connect with all of us as it understands that at times there’s grief in our lives and it’s not easy for it to fade away. He touches our hearts and souls and with the ending poem you can’t help but shed a tear and smile about the beauty of this amazing human creation. Enjoy!

 ‘I wrote this song a couple of years back about a breakup that was particularly painful. It’s about the small details of a break up that appear insurmountable at the time. However this song has evolved through the years and when I sing it now it means different things. For the video we wanted to explore different themes on what the song could mean. We decided to go down the route of grief. Sometimes grief can make us think that there’s no hope left. That there’s no point in carrying on. If they are gone I may as well be too. The video explores the shadow that grief leaves in your life. Everywhere you go. Everything you see. There’s a shadow that is cast even on the brightest of days. We finished the video with a poem my Dad wrote. My dad writes great poems and I asked him if he could write one for this. He did. I love it. And it was wonderful getting him to be a part of something so close to all our hearts.’ 

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