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“Modern Love” by Picture This

Irish indie band Picture This bring to us a visuals masterpiece with the music video for their track “Modern Love”, which can be found in their latest album. The song is honest, playful and so fun to listen to and the approach taken with the video feels so right. Everything comes together in an organic manner allowing the listeners/viewers to jump into their soundscape in such a natural manner making the track a must. There’s something about it all that brings a smile to your face as the visuals come together and the historic scenery strangely becomes one with the contemporary melodies and lyrics of this amazing track. The guys continue their path to continued greatness and to make the world turn to Ireland for music as along with them acts like Hozier and Otherkin are killing it in their respective parts of the music scene. So let us dive into the sounds of this talented band and enjoy one hell of a must listen gem.


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