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“Tombstone” by Otherkin

Irish indie rock band Otherkin are back and they are more than ready to set the music scene on fire with their latest gem, “Tombstone”. With this fantastically crafted track, they blend lyrics and melodies that have a certain punk, rock and even grunge flavor making it so unique and refreshing to hear. Plus the visuals seem to go hand in hand in perfect harmony with what the soundscape is aiming to deliver. There’s a certain surreal and in your face vibe about the song and the music video that just speaks to the rebel in you. Liste, see, tap your feet to this amazing beat and enjoy the latest must listen creation by this electric band from Dublin.

“We decided to take some of the tension, the mental strain and the stress from the last few years and do something creative with it; something that feels new to us, something that subverts other people’s and our own expectations of what we can do. All that remains won’t be the same.” – OTHERKIN

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