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“Altar” by machineheart

Indie Rock band machineheart comes to us once more with an electric and mesmerizing creation in their latest, “Altar”. With this track, the band showcases the forte of each of the members and the charismatic Stevie Scott continues to lead the way as her voice finds a perfect home in the melodies provided by Harrison Allen (drums), Carman Kubanda (electric guitar), and Jake Randle (bass). They let the lyrics and the sounds merge into one delivering a soundscape that is haunting, refreshing and somewhat celestial in its approach. The entirety of this amazing musical creation grabs you and with the addition of the visuals you are fully hooked by what the band is telling us all. The story flows with ease and becomes one with us in an instant as everything just feels so right, so real and so magically captivating that you can’t help yourself but want to listen and see over and over again. Enjoy!

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