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Moment II (Live Session) ft. Ricky Ducati & Goldwash

MØME comes to us with something just beyond amazing with his Moment II live Session featuring Ricky Ducati and Goldwash. This live performance from a rooftop in Los Angeles, California is the perfect setting for him to showcase the mastery he has over his craft. The arrangements flow as if through silk and we are immediately hypnotized with the subtle and magical voices of the two talented artists that share this rooftop with him. There’s no denying that we are listening to something special and when he transitioned from one song to the next it was simply perfect, there was no pause and no break … it was all just inexplicably smooth. Both songs are served in a manner that allows the lyrics, the sounds, and the voice to just mesmerize the listener and get us hooked over and over again. So dive into the realm that he has created and enjoy one of the best tracks in the genre.

Extra info: Directed by Alexandre Brisa DOP: Franck Brett First assistant operator: Sam Moskowitz Colorist: Florian Jarry Produced by Mirage Studio (http://www.studio-mirage.fr) Production service Los Angeles: Ondamax Films.

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