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Sophia Danai

Canadian indie singer/songwriter/musical goddess Sophia Danai opens up her heart and soul and gives us the bittersweet beauty of “WYIL”(When you are in love). She connects the dots from verse to verse and allows the melodies to become one with the feelings and emotions allowing the soundscape to mesmerize and pull us in. She comes from a place of real emotions and experiences that in one way or another we can understand and feel. She knows that love is at times not always magic and joy, but also sadness, pain and given to the wrong person. The song is compassionate and understanding for it does not judge, instead, it inspires and fills you with hope. So enter her world and just enjoy this must listen gem.

[su_quote cite=”Sophia Danai”]It is a letter of compassion for those who are feeling isolated and alone in love. Sometimes we just love people; even when we shouldn’t, even when all the red flags are showing up. Unfortunately, for many people, this is how we learn. I was mistreating myself before I ended up in a relationship where I was mistreated. It was a true mirror for where I was at. As much as what happened wasn’t right or fair, it taught me so much about myself. The only way I have healed is by forgiving and accepting that we were only doing the best with what we had.[/su_quote]

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