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“Illusions” by Sundara Karma

UK based indie rock band Sundara Karma is back once more and this time they deliver their latest musical creation, “Illusions”. With this track I personally feel they have taken a different route musically from what was heard in their previous body of work, ‘Youth is only ever fun in retrospect’. They dive into an exploration of the self and of the world that surrounds them and from there create lyrics that feel poetic, honest and somewhat philosophical in their delivery. There’s something surreal yet so firmly grounded in reality that is both mesmerizing and inviting to the listeners and makes this more mature sound really refreshing to find in the music scene of today. So enter along with me into this soundscape they have created and let us enjoy the blend of sensuality and enlightenment that it provides. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Oscar Pollock / Lead Singer of Sundara Karma”]The song is a groovy slow pumper, our best effort ever at being both sensual and enlightening. In times of horror and uncertainty we need love and positivity and the ability to recognise that everything around us is temporary. I like to think we are not separate from one another, every single thing we do affects the people and the world around us. From macro to micro – from our inner world to the outer world. Easier said than done and much easier sung than said.[/su_quote]

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