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“Wounded Sky” by Tangie Town

Indie rock/pop duo Tangie Town deliver a catchy, playful and inviting musical creation with their latest track “Wounded Sky”. Through the light-hearted and cool approach of melodies, the duo lays down some powerful and inspiring lyrics that should definitely get us thinking. They explore the current climate of the world and aim to remind us something important, the place we live on aka earth. They do not patronize and preach, but instead really serve a fine-tuned set of verses that are mature, honest and to the point in a poetic yet easy to understand way. So carefully pay attention and really listen as you enjoy a must listen track by this amazingly talented pair.

[su_quote cite=”Tangie Town”]The song is a collage of ideas exploring the dichotomy of living in the neon glitter of the city while being totally dependent on the natural, mostly unseen world for everything we depend on. If we’re going to survive we have to take care of the Earth. Her rivers are our veins. Her birds bring us their melodious songs and also sirens of old; canaries in a coal mine bringing us wisdoms and real time warnings. When they start falling from the sky we know we’re in trouble.[/su_quote]

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