“Stop Pretending” by Little Brother Eli

UK based indie rock band Little Brother Eli deliver their latest must listen contemporary masterpiece that is “Stop Pretending”. The guys set up a flawless union of instruments and vocals that possess a certain everlasting and captivating feel that is just refreshing and intoxicating to find. The track is beautifully soothing yet strangely electric and filled with verses that touch all the various senses that make up our musical experience. There’s just something about this that really takes a hold of us all and never lets us go and makes our hearts, brains, and souls a place to call home. We are mesmerized by the playful yet mature manner in which the lyrics take shape and form and become one with the melodies delivering a final punch to make you a fan of this up and coming band. So enter their world and just enjoy the subtle blend of magic and reality that makes up their brand of music.

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