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Tim Schou

Danish indie pop singer/songwriter Tim Schou simply knows how to deliver great tracks that really pull you in, this time he does so with “Run Run Run Run Run”. He has connected visuals and sounds in a way that is just fun and inviting while really serving a track that is masterfully crafted. From every angle you look at the song from you know that you are in for something amazing and worth every second. His voice jumps from note to note really becoming one with the melodies and the story behind the verses giving us a must-have experience for any music lover. Honestly, there’s no going wrong and the song is sure to provide you with a playful and charming experience. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Tim Schou”]I have always imagined the armed dad as a metaphor for the who-do-you-think-you-are attitude in the music industry. After I participated in Eurovision with A Friend In London, I’ve been working on lifting off my solo career. But it’s a tricky business, and sometimes it feels like you’re trying to sleep with the forbidden daughter, while her dad is standing there with a shotgun, saying “run kiddo – run for your life”. But as time goes by you harden and now I can look at these things with an ironic distance, which is also the case with Run Run Run Run Run.[/su_quote]

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