“Young” by Jaded

UK based indie electro-pop ensemble Jaded deliver one of the most fun, playful and completely inviting tracks you’ll hear today with their latest single, “Young”. The guys take the spirit of what youth is meant to be and celebrate in a way that is entertaining for the senses and makes your body want to dance. They do this in a care-free fashion that is relaxing yet shows a care for connecting melodies and lyrics perfectly with each other allowing the soundscape to really be everlasting. There’s no going wrong with this song and personally, I would recommend it to everyone and anyone who wants to listen to something great. Nari, Jordan, and Teo have created a musical monster for the modern masses and it is sure to hit the airwaves and hit them hard with a sound that just makes you want to smile, have fun and just move your body. It’s an exciting must listen gem that you should listen, let loose to and most definitely enjoy because it has it all to get you hooked.

[su_quote cite=”Jaded”]‘Young’ is a celebration of youth. Our music’s always a reflection on what’s happening in the world, taking issues and responding in a way that’s reflective and fun. We want people to dance and enjoy themselves to what we make. Jaded is our counter to the pressures of today![/su_quote]

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