Irish indie-pop singer/songwriter SEARLS comes at us with a beautifully honest and inspiring must listen track simply titled “Scar”. He blends 80’s inspired melodies with contemporary melodic touches creating a sound that is both soothing and exciting. Plus he pulls it all together with fantastic Miami Vice meets Wes Anderson visuals that adds an extra special kick to this already one of a kind soundscape. The song and video connect beautifully and we are brought forth a story that we can connect with instantly for it speaks from the heart and delivers mature and mesmerizing lyrics. So fall for the sound of this talented and refreshingly unique artist as he sets forth to bring something new to pop. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”SEARLS”]If Wes Anderson did a re-make of Miami Vice, it might be similar to this music video. The pastel colours, symmetrical frames, slow motion shots and pops of colour are a nod to Wes Anderson movies while the Miami Vice 90’s styling courtesy of stylist and close friend Fabrizio Shiavone create the illusion that this wasn’t shot in East London’s trendy Dinerama on a chilly evening last April. I really wanted to have fun and create something visually stimulating that tells the story of scar from start to finish. I want to give viewers an idea of what they can expect from my live shows. My dancers were choreographed by Pineapple’s Katy Banks and the video was directed by Tim Gardner. Scar is about a love that is intoxicating but finite. Those stories don’t always have to be sad.[/su_quote]

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