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Lui Hill

Indie soul-pop singer/songwriter Lui Hill continues to deliver songs with the potential of becoming instant hits for the masses. It’s not just about his exquisite control and amazing range, or the melodies that blend a certain old-school je ne sais quoi with modern day touches, or the lyrics that tell us stories that are human and real … it’s the perfect union of all of this. He jumps into each song and really makes us feel all the emotions that transcend in them and we are pulled into stories that feel as if taken from a page of our own books. The songs are relatable and take steps to remain firmly grounded in what we can grasp while also serving up a fine taste of something surreal and mesmerizing.

There’s no doubt that is heading in a direction that only the greats can take, and personally, he has it all to join that select group. “Ancient Dust” and “Words become Useless” are part of his debut self-titled album that is sure to be a fan favorite. So listen, dive into the worlds he has created and enjoy!

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