[su_quote cite=”Henry Camamile, Singer and Lead Guitarist of Sea Girls”]The video plays on the excessive “too much” nature of the song and illustrates it in a “Groundhog Day/Night” scenario of a girl on a night out who can’t get away from it. She keeps waking up already fatigued from the previous night’s excessive behaviour. It encapsulates people chasing the perfect summer sesh all the time and it inevitably getting bad for you[/su_quote]

Sea Girls

One of the best bands in the UK and personally the world come to us with their latest music video for their musical gem “Too Much Fun”. The guys from Sea Girls continue to amaze and this time around not only with their music but with their visual prowess and connection of video and song. There’s something about the story seen in the music video that simply goes hand in hand with how the lyrics unfold that just catches you instantly. The track was already one of my favorites and with the addition of the music video, I am really debating it making it my top track. Become a fan of a talented and bound to greatness band that is sure to become the gift that keeps on giving in the music scene. Enjoy and if you are going to have too much fun make sure it is listening to something amazing from Sea Girls!

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