Indie Music Mixtape 28

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Artist: TREY

Song: Feel

Why? Indie pop that comes from the heart and lays down some romantic and honest melodies and lyrics that speak to those who are searching. It serves up a passionate and inviting soundscape that is easy to enjoy and that I am sure will immediately capture your attention.

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Artist: Hotel Mira

Song: Ginger Ale

Why? Honest, self-exploring and quirky indie pop/rock union of melodies and verses that speak of how the mind can diverge due to random acts of destiny. The British wave influence can be felt in this soundscape and it is put to good use in a way that is catchy and understanding.

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Artist: Quiet Hollers

Song: Addicted

Why? Indie pop/rock band Quiet Hollers step out of the safe zone for most of us and explore the raw and known yet seldom spoken world of addiction. They showcase the ins and outs in a way that is not forceful or hateful, but honest and bittersweet for it comes from a place of reality.

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Artist: The Shakes

Song: With every moment

Why? From a moment in which life and death met each other and decided that lead singer Sean Perry had more to give the world comes this mesmerizing soundscape. The talented songwriter drew inspiration from an accident to give the world a dose of magic and humanity.

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Artist: Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

Song: I’ll be the lighter

Why? Canadian Indie singer/songwriter Michael Bernard Fitzgerald delivers a pop-perfect tale of falling in love. He showcases a fine-tuned control of his voice and a way with words that is simply soothing and inviting as the soundscape unfolds and fills us up with warmth.

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Artist: Sleepwalkers

Song: Reasons to give up in you

Why? Indie rock band that serves us a fine and refreshing blend of old-school melodies and contemporary touches creating something amazing. Plus lyrically the song takes a step further and provides with a story that is relatable and in touch with life, love and all the adventures that come.

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Artist: Satellite Mode

Song: Terrified

Why? New York Indie pop rock band Satellite Mode brings to us one of the most amazing and mesmerizing tracks you’ll hear this year. There’s something so surreal, ethereal and otherworldly about the way the soundscape unfolds and the lyrics give it shape and form.

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Artist: Dominique

Song: Dissonance

Why? Australian indie singer/songwriter is a newcomer into the music scene but she is showing us and the world that she’s got what it takes. She embraces the beauty and frail nature of our human existence in a way that is mature and strangely endearing. She connects the dots and shows us something amazing.

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Artist: Gina Brooklyn

Song: Warning

Why? With just 17 years of age, up and coming songstress Gina Brooklyn embraces her mature and honest soul to give music to leave us in complete awe. She explores life in a way that is refreshing and so in touch with the reality of our human existence that you just stay quiet and listen.

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Artist: Yacht Punk

Song: A dog of dogs for a ghost

Why? Yacht Punk delivers an electric and exciting indie rock sound that allows a nice dose of punk to give it an extra special layer. The track is one of those that instantly grabs you and creates a story of ghost, dogs and some more that is sure to haunt your dreams and thoughts.

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