[su_quote cite=”Seasaw”]At a festival that was running behind due to short change over times between bands. The group that was playing after us was impatient and came onstage while we were tearing down our own equipment. In front of fans, even a little girl that was waiting for an autograph from us, the lead of the band began to move our equipment without permission. When asked why he was being so aggressive and inappropriate in moving our gear he replied: ‘If you want to play with the big dogs, you need to get the fuck off the stage’. When asked to calm down, the lead of the band then used the word bitch etc. and repeatedly stated that we had to get the fuck off the stage. There were no stagehands or security to help us and we were unexpectedly thrown into a very hostile and scary situation in which there was a power imbalance that was not in our favor.

After this event, we kept thinking about the phrase ‘big dogs’ because it was so ridiculous, comical and ironic given the circumstances. When we realized that we could twist the phrase to convey a different and powerful message we decided that naming the album Big Dogs was a therapeutic way to rise above what had happened. The metaphor of the invisible dog leash which is the image on the back of our album cover is what a big dog is to us – someone who feels invisible, and acts out because of what they’re lacking.[/su_quote]


Meg Golz and Eve Wilczewski aka Seasaw come to us with their playful and eye-opening music video for their must listen track “Big Dogs”. The talented pair grabs inspiration from personal experience and give the term a new look and shows us what it means to them. They explore the toxicity that comes when people claim to be part of the so-called big dogs and apparently that gives them permission to all signs of common decency. People at times believe that if you “made it” then the rules don’t apply and if anyone new comes in then you are in right to bully them. I for one am glad that these amazing and inspiring women decided to take the high ground and show these dogs that life and moving up should be nothing like what they claim. It’s about not losing your footing and what makes you human because above all the fame, the money and anything extra should be to remain humble and true to yourself and those who raised you. So listen, really pay attention, be inspired and enjoy an amazing soundscape.

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