“Horizon” by Erik Jonasson

Swedish singer/songwriter Erik Jonasson is personally one of the best up and coming talents out there in the entirety of the world and his track “Horizon” is further proof of this assessment. The talented artist does not falter on any step and this track is solely the tip of the iceberg of whats to come as it is part of his newly released album ‘Words’ (Via Hybris). The song speaks from the writer’s heart and it tells a story that makes us feel invested and mesmerized as it takes shape and form with each sentence and each verse. It’s a bittersweet plea from an old soul that dwells within a young heart and it speaks to us in a way that is refreshing, haunting and so beautifully unique. So allow this talented artist to amaze you once more as it shows me and all that lighting can be caught as many times as possible if the passion for music is there. Enjoy!


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