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“Drifting” by Margaux Avril

Margaux Avril is talented, haunting, beautiful and owner of one of the most magical voices I’ve heard thus far and she brings the sweet gift that is “Drifting”. The young Parisian takes life and all it entails to create a song that speaks to us all. It’s a welcoming reflection of the hits and misses that are part of our adventure and it is served in a way that is enjoyable and refreshing. She showcases an innate capacity to unite lyrics and melodies creating a soundscape that feels everlasting and ethereal while being planted firmly in the ground. I am in complete awe of each note hit, each melody sung and each verse connecting with the next telling us a story we want to hear. Without a doubt, Margaux is not only ready to show France the magic of her voice but to also capture the eyes and ears of the whole world. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=” Margaux Avril”]It is about the relationship you have with yourself that influences the other relationships in your life: with the ones you love, with passing time. By drifting from yourself you drift from what surrounds you. The way we navigate through life’s obstacles, choices we make. It talks about melancholy, nostalgia, and learning. The flow of a life that prevails, in which we let ourselves go and against which we sometimes fight, memories that we keep preciously or we need to let go.[/su_quote]

Fun fact: Margaux is also a really talented photographer.

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