“Being a tourist made me sensitive and that sensitivity came flowing out in the form of brash and honest pop songs with words that’ll make you cry and sounds that’ll make you dance.” – Travis is a Tourist

Travis is a Tourist

Travis is a Tourist brings something exciting and refreshing to the music scene and his latest track “Beforeugogo” is perfection personified in music. It is one of those special songs that can capture your full attention and pull you in body and soul together into it. It carries the charm of the classic acts while being in tune with the contemporary ups and downs of life. He embraces his quest and adventures in the vastness of the human experience and manages to relate with ease with us. His stories feel personal to not only him, but to us as well as we can clearly see he speaks of love, goodbyes and more that we traverse through. He does this all though in a way that does not alienate anyone no matter the age, the race, the gender or even the cultural singularities of where you stand. So enter the beauty and magic of his realm and allow the sounds and visuals to caress your very soul. Enjoy!

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