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“Getting Worse” by Bit Funk ft Oktavian

When two out of this world talents unite and create a track you know the gods of music smile, and they are clearly overjoyed with “Getting worse” by Bit Funk ft. Oktavian. The track is playful, honest and relatable as it creates a story that is familiar to the listener either through personal experience or observation. It is amazing how the lyrics truly embrace the melody and the soundscape that forms is able to pull us in with ease due to this. Frankly this collaboration vibes on a different level from most and really delivers on the search for good music. It’s an instant classic for the Pop and electronica world while also not alienating the fans of other genres. So relax and enter the magic of their realm as they give you something to really enjoy.

BitFunk really found a perfect vibe in the track for the lyric and melody, which was written about a relationship I had in school a few years back… we were trying hard not to fall but the chemistry was so heavy! – Oktavian

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