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“Trouble” by KIDDO

Talented Swedish Songwriter KIDDO adds the title of singer on her resume and she does so in an spectacular way “Trouble”. She sets her first steps onto the music scene as an artist and honestly she could not have picked a better song. There’s something so electric, so haunting and above all so honest about it that embraces the listener and really connects. She does the transition perfectly and shows that she will be another one of the cases in which the evolution was not just the right move but the only move available. She is a special kind of talent whose voice has something so unique and refreshing about it that can land into pop with a certain Rock aura that allows her to connect with all. No matter what genre you listen to, there’s no denying that we have arrived onto someone bound for music stardom. So listen and enjoy for there’s surely more to come.

[su_quote cite=”KIDDO”]TROUBLE is about escaping reality. It’s about a time when I knew I had lost everything but it was too painful to face it so I tried to ignore the truth for a little longer in every possible way.[/su_quote]

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