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“Action (Part 3)” by Conversing with Oceans

From Russia and now based in the U.S. comes Alex Bondarev aka Conversing with Oceans with “Action (Part 3)” to conquer our hearts and ears. The talented artist has created a song that has a certain beauty about it that can relax us and bring our defenses down. The soundscape is magical in the way it builds up from the very first second to become a modern day masterpiece of verses and melodies that inspire our very soul. His voice flows softly and effortless through the melodies caressing our senses as we are pulled in slowly and surely falling completely inside this world he has created. Honestly the track is simply put one of the best new gems I’ve had the pleasure to hear and we can expect more amazing musical creations from this talented musician. So listen and enjoy for you are in for a wonderful ride.

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