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“When did you allow me
To kiss you like a zombie
And in my head another question”


Once again Spanish indie artist Bearoid showcases his fine understanding and knowledge of how to make a must listen pop track that is bound to become a hit with “An answer”. Plus he went ahead and partnered up with a director with a vision to match his creativity in the hands of Enyor Films. The video starts and we enter a unique realm, a soundscape that pulls us and invites us for it knows that we need and want. The track is beautifully set in motion by his voice and the tunes, then it’s made perfect by the lyrics that create a story that we can invest ourselves into. It is honestly one the best music video/track combo you will ever find, it has everything to be fun, inviting and at the same time real and honest. Not only is he a musical monster capable of providing us with tracks that are electric and dance floor ready but he is a pretty cool guy as well which makes you want to root for him even more. So listen, enjoy and let your senses rejoice with another gem by Spanish maestro Bearoid.

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