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[su_quote]She knows it all,

But she will never learn to love

She gives you what you need

Right before she take it back [/su_quote]

“Out of my Mind” by Bearoid

Born in Valencia, based in Barcelona comes one Spanish Groovy F*cker who goes by the name of Bearoid. He is breaking walls, taking names and making groovy beats that will make you shake what your mamma gave you from the second he starts his tracks. As he blends disco grooves, electronic beats and adds some brass, splashed with a nice guitar and an orchestra of synths you start telling yourself: “Maybe I should take a trip …maybe just maybe I should go to Barcelona, Spain …I don’t know why, but I think I must”. Deep down you know why, you need some more of the groovy and luscious pop soundscapes that only he can create.

As Dani Belenguer (the man behind the name) continues moving forward and exploring and uniting more and more with his music, there’s only one path set for him and that is simply creating memorable music that anyone can connect to. His tracks are ageless indie pop must listens and his latest single, “Out of my mind” is as you can see and hear a perfect example. As you continue diving deeper and deeper into the world of his music, just relax and let it engulf you completely with the beats, the mix of genres and of course the cherry on top: that pop perfect voice.

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