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“Waterline” by GRANT

Wow! I am in complete awe of the beautiful lyrics and the powerful vibe that flows from Grant and her debut single “Waterline”. It’s hard to believe that such an amazing track is barely her debut, but it is something that is most welcomed as it showcases a future growth that already gives me goosebumps. This talented Swedish goddess takes pain, frustration and all the bad and simply makes it hers and ensures herself and the world that they are part of her now and she is a warrior. She will not drown, she will not crumble and fall when things go sour and things go bad – she will stand tall and take it all head on. She inspires not only with her lyrics but through the emotions and that special unknown that resides in her voice. Truly this singer/songwriter is bound to become one of the best (if not the best) export from the Scandinavian Region, Sweden be proud for you have given life to a rare and mesmerizing talent. So lift your head and take this must listen gem and make it your anthem when you are down and need a push to take it all without hesitation. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”says Alma Caroline Cederlöf aka GRANT”]I wrote ”Waterline”’ the same year as I was in a very bad place in my life. I wrote it because I felt more stable and wanted revenge. It’s a song about frustration. I realized that I could use my anxiety to create music and to prove myself to dare to embrace that side of me instead of taking the easy way out.[/su_quote]

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