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“Basal Flame” by Lucia Scansetti

Talented Spanish songstress Lucia Scansetti delivers a black and white visualization of the world that dwells within her track “Basal Flame”.  With a certain touch of film noir, a bittersweet sense of love and lost and the irrevocable appearance of truth she invites us into a soundscape that embraces a certain painful reality that our human nature can easily connect with. With artistic images and her haunting vocals we are given one of the most eclectic, surreal and strangely inviting union of sounds and moving pictures out there. Bravo Lucia, thank you for creating a sound so yours and so unique that it can only be branded with your signature and that is the only way it should be. Enjoy this beautiful showcase of music and lyrics, enjoy the melody of “Basal Flame”

[su_quote]Basal Flame talks about being in an idealized love where you are giving yourself over to one person but in the cold light of the day your love is unrequited. The relationship you dream of is only in your head.[/su_quote]

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