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Click Names of Artists in Soundcloud Discoveries Part XXVI for more info on them

  • Lucian ft. Beth Duck (Bradley Allan Remix): Playful and refreshing remix by Bradley Allan, he takes the original and gives it new life.
  • She drew the gun: Old school rock brought to a modern scenario beautifully and lead by a mesmerizing female vocalist.
  • G. Jnr and David Harks: Two talented artists unite in a modern day electropop classic that hypnotizes you from the first note.
  • Pedrick: Mature and touching as always, with a new name now these brothers captivate the audience as always.
  • BJ Wilbanks: Verses that flow like silk through a soundscape that encompasses a certain old school meets new school feel perfectly.
  • Sam Setton: This track gives me shivers of how amazing it is, there’s something special here, just stay quiet and listen as it engulfs you.
  • Adam Melchor: Mature and mesmerizing exhibit of indie folk charm and human touch with only a guitar and a voice that flows as one.
  • Luxxury: Funky electropop that invites body and soul to the dance floor because there’s no denying the magnetism that lies within this track.
  • The Vigilantes: Indie rock delivered with that in your face attitude that needs to be seen more as it speaks of a story we connect with.
  • Norell: As always pure perfection by this Swedish trio, this cover of a Swedish House Mafia is so unique and amazing that it easily stands on its own.