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Indie Music Mixtape 6

Artist: Jingo

Song: Gaia

Why? Beautiful and heartfelt plea for humanity to take care of the world we live on, to show Gaia the respect it deserves for all the joy she brings into our lives. Jingo invites people to let go of the hypocrisy that they hold on tight to, to cut the lies of wanting a place for the future and our unborn grandchildren when in reality we are destroying their prospective home because of ignorance and greed.

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Artist: The Khanz

Song: Be Somebody

Why? Positively endearing and filled with an optimism that is contagious and necessary in this time of age served through amazing melodies and unique and mesmerizing vocals. The Khanz have created the perfect track for the hopefuls, the brave and for those picking themselves up from the ground reminding them that they’ll be somebody someday.

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Artist: The Villain and I

Song: W-A-V-E-S

Why? Dan Toone (Member of the indie rock band Monks in the Wood) continues to amaze and captivate with his side project The Villain and I. With his emotion filled vocals and his lyrics that showcase the old soul that resides within the confinement of his young heart and body he is rapidly becoming a full on frontal attack of indie rock for our senses to cherish.

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Artist: Milky Chance

Song: Ego

Why? Milky Chance keep on delivering music that feels and sounds timeless, every single track so far just feels like a hit and that is mind boggling but so wonderful to see. “Ego” is another union of melodies and verses from this talented duo and honestly I just need more music from them, and I am happy that the release date for their upcoming album ‘Blossom’ is almost upon us.

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Artist: Jake Alder ft. LKA

Song: Chasin’ Time

Why? One truly amazing collaboration between English producer Jake Alder and Finnish electropop singer/producer LKA. The soft and heartfelt melody blends perfectly with the verses and emotions of the story within the lyrics and the impact of this soundscape simply grows as each second passes by. One hell of a beautiful track and a great example of a collaboration that unifies talents.

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Artist: Karim Ouellet

Song: La mer à boire (the sea to drink, in French)

Why? Through lush and green scenarios, the talented Karim transcends the barriers of language and allows his music to take over our senses. Through electronic tunes he allows the tropical feel of the Nicaraguan backdrop of the music video to influence the flow of the track turning a song into a gem of musical masterpiece. The track is simply so pure and beautiful and it is impossible to not fall in love with it.

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Artist: Bronte

Song: Hands

Why? There’s something magical about this indie rock gem, maybe it’s that subtle and ethereal voice or that playful repetition that guides the instruments or the lyrics that embrace growing up with a youthful yet mature manner. Whatever it is, whatever it might be – Bronte have a masterpiece in their hands with this wonderful track that is ironically titled “Hands”.

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Artist: Jenna Kyle

Song: Lovelorn

Why? Ethereal and surreal union of electronica and pop with hints of R&B that transports the listener to another realm, another place, another plane of existence where you don’t feel lovelorn any more. In this fantasy island your love is embraced and in return you receive the same beautiful emotion from a person who dwells in this fiction.

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Artist: Cade

Song: Sorry for myself

Why? Talented singer/producer Cade continues on his rise to stardom by delivering enticing and inviting beats and blending in his soft pop/R&b perfect vocals. With each and every track he releases he shows the world that there’s a reason behind why he has performed alongside artists like G-Easy, Steve Aoki and many more talented acts.

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