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Indie Pop Mixtape 14

Artist: Ocean Park Standoff

Song: Good News

Why? This talented trio delivers exactly what the world needs as it goes crazy and things start looking full of grey skies, they bring those “Good news” that we desperately need and we hope they transcend the limits of the music video and splash into the world because we could really use something good. With uplifting and motivational indie pop tunes and verses, Ocean Park Standoff shine a light in the night sky that brings a smile to our faces.

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Artist: Imad Royal

Song: Smile

Why? An ingenious mix of electronic beats and tunes accompanied by unique and enticing vocals that provoke something in us, something that shows itself in our face in the shape and form of an honest “Smile”. Another uplifting track that delivers the perfect union of great music, positive message and honest lyrics that if put together make something amazing that could brighten your day even on the darkest and gloomiest of them.

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Artist: Charge the atlantic

Song: I know you’d be there

Why? Unique and amazing indie pop track that borrows some reggae and light rock touches to make it a true gem that should be heard by all. The fact that the tracks is showcased in an acoustic setting allows the band to get creative and to find a nice replacement for the drums to create a setting through beer bottles played the right way (Who would have known!). As the soundscape unfold you can only keep falling more and more for this marvelous track.

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Artist: Hoyle

Song: Jenny’s Room

Why? Through 80’s inspired synth touches and vocals this talented trio creates something new and amazing. We enter into the world of “Jenny’s Room” and we honestly don’t ever want to leave and we discretely put the song on a constant repeat for the soundscape is revitalizing and strangely mesmerizing as it engulfs us completely. This is a true must listen track by a talented band from sunny Orlando, Florida.

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Artist: Puzzle

Song: Little Black Book

Why? Talented indie electro-pop singer/songwriter Puzzle delivers enigmatic and inviting melodies through electronic beats and tunes as he sets the mood for his verses to unfold and become one with the soundscape he has created with “Little Black Book”. His lyrics speak to the modern young experience as both men and women may fall into the prey of somebody’s little black book wanting to be more than a number in it. 

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Artist: The Outer Vibe

Song: Sweet to the rind

Why? Open your arms, your heart and the fullness of your soul to a love so sweet and so worth it that you can’t help but smile by the thought of this surreal yet possible person that can make you feel so alive. Through a unique union of instruments the talented musicians that make up The Outer Vibe deliver a modern ballad for lovers and hopefuls alike. Easily enjoyed and a true must listen gem that we must all learn something from.

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Artist: Natalie Major

Song: Human

Why? Through a powerful and ethereal piano Natalie Major delivers a powerful track of heartbreak and loss that connects with our human hearts and souls. She showcases the frail nature of our hearts, our minds and how easily feelings change from one day to the next without telling the others involve. But through the sadness we feel a glimpse of hope for we know of the strength of the human condition and we are aware that she will overcome this pain.

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Artist: Pat Kiloran Ft. Jordy Searcy

Song: Another Love

Why? A track that deliver’s a union of two indie pop powerhouses, Pat Kiloran and The Voice Alumni Jordy Searcy. “Another Love” mixes 80’s touches, light electronica, pop melodies and harmonious vocals that ensure the lyrics leave the limitations of the air waves as they click with the senses of passion, love and want in the listeners. One of the best collaborations I’ve had the pleasure of hearing, they give each other the right space to shine and showcase their talent.

More: Pat’s Website & Jordy’s Website

Artist: Hanne Leland

Song: Hungover You

Why? The amazingly talented and beautiful Norwegian songstress Hanne Leland delivers another indie pop gem that connects with the experiences that most if not all of us have lived. Through a mix of electronic touches and pop tunes she allows her voice to showcase the story of the verses she sings so passionately. For “Hungover You” is about that person that we know is not good for us but we still want to hold one even if the next morning we will fall down swiftly from the fantasy.

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