Indie Rock Mixtape 7

Artist: The Eiffels

Song: Coming to see you

Why? Indie rock and pop unite with a nostalgic 80’s touch that strangely feels so relevant, so contemporary and so refreshing. The Eiffels set up an inviting soundscape that is sure to put a smile on everyone who listen plus the music video is so fun, so simple yet so different and with the right twist to leave us begging for more of this talented band.

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Artist: Shanghai Blues

Song: Run

Why? From East London comes Shanghai Blues and their indie rock beauty of a track, “Run”. Listen to that guitar as it rips through the soundscape giving the track a certain special touch and then you have the rest of the instruments who simply make the right for the guitar to showcase it’s energy and for that amazing voice to capture us all in the net created by this track.

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Artist: Toreador

Song: Hollow

Why? Be invaded by the amazing indie rock tunes of Toreador as they take over your senses with the subtle touches of blues, confidence and old school bravado that makes this track so mesmerizing and just so right for any music lover. “Hollow” is gritty, powerful, rebellious and exactly what the doctor recommended you jam out to. 

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Artist: Feed them to the forest

Song: Six seasons and a movie

Why? One of the best tracks I’ve heard in a while because they showcase that punk/rock aura and rebelliousness I love so much perfectly. Just listen to the union of melodies and that powerful and chameleonic voice that is able to push you out and pull you in within the same verse. Feed them to the forest is truly a band to be on the lookout for. 

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Artist: Londun

Song: You

Why? Experimentation in music that has lead to something truly amazing, a union of rock, pop and even some touches of hip-hop that makes this track a must listen for all no matter what genre is of preference. Just listen to Londum and you will connect with the lyrics and tunes of “You” for they feel so real, so human and simply so much part of our lives. 

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Artist: Lily and the Caves

Song: Everybody’s Dancing

Why? Indie rock with a twist, a unique and mesmerizing twist that mixes some soft blues and pop touches making it just perfect to lay down, close your eyes and simply let yourself go into the soundscape of “Everybody’s dancing”. Lily and the Caves are bringing a unique touch into the current indie scene and this wolf is a fan of it. 

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Artist: Royal Teeth

Song: Is it just me

Why? Is it just me or is this song a hit in the making, just listen to it, truly listen and you hear greatness in each and every tune the instruments set forth and in every note Nora’s beautiful voice reaches effortlessly leaving us in awe. Amazing indie rock by one of the most must listen acts in the current indie rock scene. 

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Artist: Havelock

Song: Wizard

Why? Soft, emotional and mature folk/rock from a Wolf in a Suit favorite, take a listen at Havelock’s latest masterpiece. This talented young singer/songwriter continues showcasing the special talent his old soul has for his story in the music world to continue moving forward. His voice, the lyrics, the guitar, those drums: All simply relaxing perfection. 

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