Top 5 New Indie Queens of Music Round 5

Top 5 New Indie Queens of Music Round 5 features some truly amazing and beautiful talented women who are simply setting something new and unique in the indie music scene. This time around it features: the rebellious Georgie, the magical Simmone Jones, addicted to heartbreak Anna Renee, sweet twin sisters duo Sarah Claire and the haunting Monako Davis.

1. Georgie

Region: Nottingham, England – Europe

Genre: Pop/Rock

Year: 2016

Short Paragraph: With a charming and rebellious tone that reminds us of Welsh Singer/songwriter creative monster Duffy comes young Nottingham native Georgie and her own rebellious mix of pop and rock anthem “Company of Thieves”. While Georgie’s voice might remind us of Duffy, don’t be confused she is a creative monster by her own right as she sings, writes and plays the guitar in her own passionate and honest style. With a gift for the story telling, her voice makes for the best way to be guided through her fiery bravado filled soundscape.

2. Simonne Jones

Region: Los Angeles, California – North America

Genre: Pop

Year: 2016

Short Paragraph: Brilliant in more ways than what can be stated in a paragraph, comes multifaceted indie pop singer/songwriter/painter/model/scientist Simonne Jones. With an interesting and delightful mix of science, music and experience she creates the most riveting soundscapes as she blends topics like gravity, black matter, and scientific formulas with topics like love, regret, compassion and more. Be engulfed by the fire of her voice as she pulls you closer like a force of nature that you have no control over.

3. Anna Renee

Region: Los Angeles, California – North America

Genre: Pop

Year: 2016

Short Paragraph: What awaits in room # 236? A gritty festival of lights and colors filled with angst, regret, addiction and that sweet tone of Anna’s voice as she sings to us, as she creates a story and wraps us in it leaving us defenseless to fall directly into the soundscape of “Addicted to heartbreak”. With well executed choreography and the lyrics flowing through her and the various “lovers” they showcase a vicious circle of pain and never ending hunger that seems so real and familiar that you can feel it touch you.

4. Sarah Claire

Region: Queens, New York – North America

Genre: Electro/Pop

Year: 2016

Short Paragraph: Twin sisters Sarah Mckenna and Claire Mckenna unified their melodious voices as they flow softly and magnetically through the electro/pop beats and tunes of the enchanting soundscape of “NITE” becoming the sole guides of this world that we have fallen into. As they walk slowly to the night ahead you can help but be enchanted by their voices and within a second you’ve been hypnotized and fall prey to the melodies of Sarah Claire.

5. Monako Davis

Region: Huntington Beach, California – North America

Genre: Folk/Pop

Year: 2016

Short Paragraph: Magically beautifully haunting = Monako Davis. As you listen closely to “Tempers” you can help but agree with the statement with which I started this short paragraph, for her voice and her musical style engulfs you, me and all who listen within a warm and soft blanket of notes in which you strangely feel so at home and at peace. You allow her to grasp your heart and soul as she guides you and  walks you by the hand through this soundscape she has created. That’s the Monako Effect – let her enchanting voice tell her story as you remain in awe at what you are listening.