Ghost by Sleeping Wolf

Us Canis Lupus stay together and support each other, this well dressed Wolf in a Suit is simply a fan of the Sleeping Wolf. Their beautiful and now cinematic track “Ghost” is simply a haunting masterpiece of music. With the assistance of director Heather Holty-Newton, cinematographer David Y. Chung they went beyond the marvelous soundscape created by this track to a surreal visual representation of what the lyrics entail in way that connects with the contemporary individual (specially with the Virtual reality, which has gained a certain rise in popularity as of late).

Plus it does not hut having a beautiful woman who represents all the wants and desires while also representing the rise and fall of the men who fall prey to this virtual reality. The music video is so provocative, vivid and simply so real while staying a fantasy. I invite you to enter the world of Ghost by sleeping wolf .

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