Song to Listen

Indie Electro-Pop artist Mr Little Jeans (aka Monica Birkenes) comes at us with no holds barred and ready to continue the addiction for her sweet voice, 80’s infused synth pop and those lyrics that have a way of connecting with the listeners in a beautiful way. Her latest single “Stitches” is a beauty of track showcasing her voice with the right soundscape that makes for a mesmerizing experience for whoever has the pleasure to listen and to explore the music and lyrics of this song.

Continue falling in love with this talented Norwegian artist and be in the lookout for any gigs (specially  the Los Angeles Area). She is currently based in the ever tantalizing and hypnotizing city of Angeles (so another reason to move). As 2016 is close to ending in a high note for Mr Little Jeans, it leaves me wondering how amazing 2017 will be for her.

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