Indie Rock Mixtape 2

Artist: Family of Things

Song: Come and Gone

Why? This dynamic duo should already be on your hearts, on your playlists and you should be following them everywhere simply because of the fact they mix the pop and the rock world in such an effortless manner that the final product of this creativity is simply beautiful and haunting music that connects with every bone in our bodies and with every single cell inside us – just feel it and let the music take over.

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Artist: Native Other

Song: Palms

Why? With beautiful falsetto vocals, and a nice beach like feel in the sound of the instruments creating a  flow in the track that is so special and unique with the drums leading with nice and soft yet fast beat and all together this Toronto based band has created a soundscape that simply pulls you in from the very first second after you push play.

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Artist: Golden Suits

Song: Gold Feeling

Why? With old school soft rock sounds that remind us of the peace loving 70’s and it simply transports you to another era of music all while connecting it with the modern music scene – it creates a refreshing sound that gives us a sense of ease as it brings a soundscape that seems familiar yet so unique and so attractive to the ears.

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Artist: We were friends

Song: Down on Me

Why? Amazing Canadian band with a sense of indie rock that is so on point – they created a melancholic yet mesmerizing soundscape that pushes your sense of humanity and relates to you in such a deep level that I am still amazed, plus their mix of powerful rock sounds with a voice so hauntingly calming leaves me thinking that they must be one of those special glitches in the Matrix.

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Artist: ZAGATA

Song: Kill me one more time

Why? Zagata mixes sounds and melodies of different eras and different genres all united by an ethereal and hypnotizing voice that simply pulls us to the story and the imagery of the music video which is a tribute to the era of the father of the man behind the lyrics ( Jesse Proteau-singer/songwriter of the band) – simply a must listen, enjoy!

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Artist: Kid Trails

Song: It goes

Why? It’s the creative baby of the bassist and drummer from Toro y Moi and it is just the right mix of feel good pop, some jazzy sounds and that nice indie rock flow that all connected make for a song that sounds like a travel through time (going from the past and arriving to the present) – let the vibes of this song take over you.

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Artist: Twin Wild

Song: Superstar

Why? With one of the purest rock sounds I’ve heard in a while, London based Twin Wild bring that good old British rebellious nature that mixes so well with their music creating something with a pull so powerful that you can’t help and tap your feet to the beat of the drums, throw an air guitar chord or two and aim at singing along to a voice so powerful that simply owns the flow of the song.

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Artist: Spare Parts For Broken Hearts

Song: Pleasure Delay

Why? Because it’s all that you could ask for a modern day indie rock song – it’s influenced by grunge, some good old rock and splashed with some punk undertones while creating a soundscape so electrifying and mystifying that can only be discovered through the powerful yet approachable voice of Sg.

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Artist: Brent Samson

Song: Jasmine Flower

Why? Simply beautiful and brings back a nice old school 90’s feel that if done right can be so captivating and so enchanting, which in this case it definitely is – listen to the picturesque soundscape created by singer/songwriter Bren Samson in which his voices serves as the best guide to allow us to truly appreciate all that “Jasmine Flower” has to offer.

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