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Song: Same

Region: Los Angeles – North America

[su_note note_color=”#ffffff” text_color=”#000000″]From Los Angeles, California come two talented sisters named Blaire and Jewel Restaneo with the latest music endeavor beautifully named MUJYBELA. This talented sisters arrived this year strong with this new proposal, getting us hyped with their first single “Two” and continuing the excitement with their latest track “Same”. Starting out as an electronic pop punk band, Pixikill – they have evolved and taken another route in music while keeping their originality, talent and that special electrifying pull in their voices. This duo has taken a more electro-pop route while splashing some undertones of other genres as in “Same” you can listen and feel some R&B inspiration.This splashes of other sounds mixed with their melodies make for an attractive soundscape that is explore with ease while guided by their voices which can grab you by the hand and take you through the notes and lyrics in an instant.

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This inspired track will push you to question that relationship in which you might be stuck in, where you are taking steps forward and growing while the other person simply stays the same, keeping her/his childish ideas and not pushing themselves to take those steps into being a better more matured person. Find someone that is willing to move forward with you, not someone you need to pull as a ball in chain slowing you down.[/su_note]