Top 5 New Indie Rock Week 6

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1. The Great Escape

Region: Los Angeles, North America

Genre: Rock/Pop

Year: 2016

Short Sentence: This talented trio is bringing the electricity to this top 5 with Ingrid’s magnetic voice, Malte and his chameleonic guitar and Kristian’s drums that set the pace for a melodious trip through the rabbit hole that you can only exit when this beauty of a soundscape is fully explored by you and all your senses.


2.Trading Alaska

Region: Toronto, North America

Genre: Alternative/Rock

Year: 2016

Short Sentence: Canadian ensemble Trading Alaska bring us the most beautiful of indie rock examples of music with the soft flow and deep lyrics of their latest single “Ghost” – just listen and let it capture you as this meaningful lyrics unravel in front of you through the assistance of the instruments and the voice together create a home for this story.


3. Modern Me

Region: San Diego, North America

Genre: Rock/Pop

Year: 2016

Short Sentence: With just the right touch of pop while maintaining their indie rock spirit, Modern Me invites you to “Run Away” with them into the sunset of the ever changing escape of the city, the noises and the loneliness – grab the hands of the band and just let them take you away to a safe haven where no one will find you.


4. Gallery Circus

Region: Newcastle, Europe

Genre: Rock

Year: 2016

Short Sentence: Identical twins Daniel and Graeme Ross come at you filled with raw and powerful melodies under the name of Gallery Circus and they are ready to show you what a pair of talented brothers can create – let them surprise you with the indie rock perfection of a song they titled “Club House Killer” and just let loose and let the energy fill you up as you let the tapping of your feet turned into jumping to the beats.


5. Stealing Signs

Region: South Woodham Ferrers, Europe

Genre: Pop/Rock

Year: 2016

Short Sentence: With a smooth groove that just takes over your body from the very first second you hear the melody of “Never Know”, you are completely under the spell of Stealing Signs and their unique blend of pop, rock, twists and turns that all strangely yet beautifully find a way to connect and create a soundscape unlike anything you’ve heard before.