Indie Remix Mixtape 1

Artist: The Green Children

Song: Dreamers (Embody Remix)

Why? Embody is able to amazingly give a song that had previously blown me away into something different while maintain that special touch that The Green Children give each and every one of their tracks. This union of two talented musicians who in their own create unique and beautiful music has made an already must listen track and given it new air to be able to captivate a broader group of listeners.

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Artist: Kytes

Song: I got Something (Palastic Remix)

Why? Palastic does an amazing job of mixing two worlds into this One of a Kind remix. They keep the indie feel of the original track by talented German band KYTES and give it a nice spin of electronic with some well placed beats, effects and arrangements. This remix has honestly turned me into a Palastic fan, just listen to how they arranged the guitar, the rest of the instruments and of course that amazing voice that just gives KYTES that special push to be in my opinion a must listen band.

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Artist: Flora Cash

Song: For Someone (Brandyn Burnette Remix)

Why? Talented young artist Brandyn Burnette get’s his first spin at an official remix and honestly the kid couldn’t have done it better. He kept the spirit of the original beautiful melody by husband and wife duo Flora Cash and gave it the right beats, effects and arrangements to give it a more personal feel. I am excited for both of these artists because in my opinion they are taking steps forward in music – you might not be a fan or always like it but they are taking steps forward and they must be applauded for this.

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Artist: Kraak and Smaak featuring Cleopold

Song: Alone with You (Loframes Remix)

Why? Always a must have in any playlist of any electronic music lover, you get established Dutch group Kraaj and Smaak and the newcomers: the UK/France duo Loframes. Mixing the sounds of this talented minds and you get an explosion of beautiful sweet music guided by the pop perfect voice of Australian artist Cleopold.

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Artist: KIRKBY

Song: The Way She (Spada Tropical Remix)

Why? Combining a tough exterior with soft and sensitive vocals capable of truly touching all of your senses comes UK indie singer/songwriter Kirkby and “The Way She” in a special tropical Remix by the talented powerhouse from Czech Republic, Spada. Just listen to the beautiful voice of Kirkby flowing softly through the beach like paradise of a soundscape created by Spada and let the music take over and transport you the world of “The Way She”

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Artist: Madden

Song: Alive (Viga Remix)

Why? Get ready for a Norwegian invasion of talent in the hands of Madden and his song “Alive” and the man behind the remix, Viga. Take a listen at this provocative mix of electronic beats and deep and thoughtful vocals provided by Madden. Viga takes the original track and splashes some of his original touches influenced by Tropical House and Future Bass to give it a certain energetic boost while letting the track keep the spirit of the original version.

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Artist: Terror Jr.

Song: Come First (VALNTN Remix)

Why? Taking the amazing breakout single by Terror Jr comes VALNTN . He takes this beautiful, real, pop/R&B beauty of a track and gives it some unique touches that give a refreshing new take that will boost the reach of the original track since it keeps it’s spirit. With some personal beats, special effects in the voice and a talented ear and a way to manage the rhythm and beats to perfection. Enjoy this unique take on an amazing track.

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