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Artist: The Rive Project

Song: Wasted

Why? New Zealand’s The Rive Project bring a mix of old school rock with modern touches of youthful nostalgia and a voice that could be the bridge between this band bouncing from pop to rock and back again settling in the Pop/Rock mixture that their sound excels on.

More of Them: https://www.facebook.com/riveofficial

Artist: Death by Unga Bunga

Song: FleshSweatPush

Why? Norwegian rebels Death by Unga Bunga is a must have in any rock mixtape. Just listen to the raw feel of their tracks and the power of the vocals accompanied so well by the instruments creating a unique indie rock sound that can only be theirs. With their rebellious sounds they are captivating the world one country at a time.

More of Them: https://www.facebook.com/deathbyungabunga

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Artist: Aaron Orbit

Song: Agua Mala

Why? Indie Rock nomad Aaron Orbit has arrived to our ears settling in nicely with a blend of old school rock looks and music and deep lyrics and a voice that flows through this track like if it were gliding through the notes.

More of Him: http://www.aaronorbit.com/

Artist: StarBenders

Song: So High

Why? StarBenders is a female fronted indie rock band that will grab you by storm and leave you breathless. The music of the band is amazing and then you have the most wonderful cherry on top with Kimi Shelter’s raspy and unique voice that makes everything be a beauty of music to be heard. It wouldn’t surprise me to see this band headlining some of the biggest festivals out there.

More of Them: http://starbenders.band/

Artist: AMFM

Song: Heroes

Why? New Yorkers and filled with that special aura that city posses comes AMFM and their debut single”Heroes”. This band truly represents the indie rock spirit with lyrics that relate with all who listen and music that is so theirs and so unheard. Stay on the lookout for these guys, they are already making waves (“Heroes” was chosen by both Banana Republic and Hollister to play on their in-store playlists and selected by Spotify on their ‘Fresh Sounds Six Strings’ playlist)

More of Them: http://www.amfmtheband.com/

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Artist: Space Cadets

Song: Kissing

Why? With fast paced strong vocals, a nice acoustic flow and lyrics that any young adult man asking himself about life could relate – comes Space Cadets and their latest track “Kissing”. With a nice nostalgic black and white scenery the deep lyrics of the song are able to connect beautifully and to truly set the message behind in stone.

More of Them: http://www.spacecadetsband.com/

Artist: Vonna Pearl

Song: Come with Me

Why? Taylor Johnson and Chelsey Cope lead the talented 5 piece band Vonna Pearl from Oklahoma City. With a touch of folk mixed in with a must have indie rock guitar that can easily connect with all the sounds and give it that special touch. This is a band that I believe will be on the top of must listen playlists in 2017 – You have been warned.

More of Him: https://www.facebook.com/vonnapearl

Artist: Black Honey

Song: Hello Today

Why? Another talented band fronted by a magnetic female lead singer, Black Honey comes straight to your face with a nice blend of grunge, pop and of course rock. Izzy B Phillips possesses a voice that is so rebellious yet strangely so reassuring and with an ability to dance around each note created by the guitar and company. This band is another must listen – with a singer filled with that special mojo that many singers wish they had.

More of Them: https://www.facebook.com/BlackHoneyUK

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Artist: Dave Mackay

Song: Restart

Why? Hold on tight, you have been warned. Dave Mackay and his band blend deep lyrics, hard rock guitar riffs, a bass to guide with patience, drums that can change the pace of any melody and the ethereal piano provided by Dave along with his powerful vocals that can grab you without any notice and don’t let go until the end of the track leaving you breathless.

More of Him: http://www.dave-mackay.com/

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