Handsome Ghost

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[su_box title=”Artist: Handsome Ghost

Genre: Indie Pop/Folk

Region: Boston – North America” box_color=”#000000″ title_color=”#ffffff”]Boston Native Tim Noyes aka Handsome Ghost is one of those artists that could have not been but thankfully did happen. After graduating college this young musician started teaching at a local high school in the Bronx as a means to sustain himself while playing shows and open mics in the evenings. This mix could not last forever and he took a leap. Through ups and downs, through thinking of going back to teaching or working at his father’s family business he stayed with his passion and it’s paying off.

This talented artist delivers a unique blend of sounds based on his personal musical taste that’s so blended with many sounds (from 80s pop, to folk and R&B and more). He not only creates unique one of a kind music, but he also puts his heart and soul in what he is singing about – the lyrics are deep and able to connect easily with the listener. He creates a soundscape so peaceful, so ethereal and simply just marvelous – I invite you to explore it.[/su_box]

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